Tenant – frequently asked questions

  • How can I find a suitable accommodation?

    To receive suggestions for a suitable apartment use Search select the city, the number of guest and the period of time you wish to stay. After clicking the button "Search" an list of properties available in that time opens up. Now you can specify your search by using the options on the left side where you can vary in price, location and more. You can make several non binding enquiries on our platform.

  • How can I enquire an apartment of my interest?

    You can enquire any kind of flat by registering as a tenant. Fill in the period of time and number of people you are arriving with and click on “non bindin inquiry”. An email will be sent to the landlord right away containing the details about your request and your contact informaton. He/she can now get in touch with you to finalize the booking. Please to not hesitate to contact the Kurzzeitwohnen team if you havent't got any message of the landlord. We mediate between you and the landlord or provide ohter alternatives if necessary.

    Can more than one tenant request the same property?

    Yes. Your enquiry is not exclusive. It is possible that an other tenant has made a request which has not been concluded yet. Even if you need more time for a clarification other requests can be made in the meantime. Therefore we recommend to inform the landlord and Kurzzeitwohnen about your interest. Please also advise us if you do not intend to rent the apartment anymore.
    Only after your request has turned into a firm booking, the apartment won't appear in the search.

  • Wo finde ich alle Informationen zur Ausstattung des Objektes

    Alle Informationen zur Ausstattung werden bei jedem Objekt einzeln angezeigt. Sie können dort sehen, wie das jeweilige Apartment ausgestattet ist (Lift, Parkmöglichkeit, barrierefrei, etc,.) und sehen auch die genaue Raumaufteilung, die Ausstattung der Küche und der übrigen Wohnräume. Ebenfalls finden Sie eine individuelle Beschreibung des Vermieters. Offene Fragen können am besten nach einer unverbindlichen Anfrage mit dem Vermieter geklärt werden.

    Do all the apartments offer free internet?

    Yes, most of them do. Check the apartment of your interest under the point “Equipment” to find out. If the landlord does not offer internet there is still the opportunity to buy a portable internet usb stick.

  • When does Kurzzeitwohnen charge for the service?

    Registering and enquiries are free of charge. After your enquiry turned into a firm booking, kurzzeitwohnen.com will charge the service fee. Detailed information about our general terms are available AGB.

    How much is the service charge of Kurzzeitwohnen?

    The service charge of Kurzzeitwohnen is 19 % on the total cost of rent plus 20% VAT. In the case of an extention of your stay an respective charge will be calculated according to the extended period of time. Detailed information about our general terms are available AGB.

    When do I have to pay the service charge to Kurzzeitwohnen?

    The service fee has to be paid promtly in between the next 7 days after receiving the invoice.

    Who determines the prices displayed on Kurzzeitwohnen?

    The prices on Kurzzeitwohnen are exclusively determined by the landlords and vary in city, size, location, furniture and season. Some prices are related to  the number of persons staying in the apartment.

    What is included in the price?

    The prices for most of our apartments include all costs. Some offer internet extra, or charge a parking lot separatly. Possible incidential charge is the local tourism tax which will be calculated differently.

    When do I have to pay the rent and how?

    Every landlord has its own way of handling the payment. Mostly they will charge a part in advance and one part when you move in. The rent will be charged monthly when it comes to rentals over a few months. An option for a payment via credit card can be provided by the Kurzzeitwohnen team.

    Do I have to pay a deposit and why?

    Not every landlord demands a deposit. If they do so then it can be seen as a security deposit for potential damage that could happen or to cover open items. 

    How much is the deposit?

    The amount varies and is determined by the landlord. The law limits the deposit to 3 monthly rents.

    When do I have to pay the deposit and how?

    This is exclusively determined by the landlord and varies. In most cases the mentioned amount will be transfered to the landlord's account, payed by credit card or deposited in cash - always in advance or at the moment of moving-in.

    What is the final cleaning?

    The final cleaning is a one time fee that landlords charge for the proper cleaning of the property after you moved out. Some landlords do not charge it. Details about it can be found at the site of each property. 

  • What do I need to look out for when I agree on a firm booking with the landlord?

    It can be an oral or written agreement on a firm booking. You both agree on the exact duration of your tenancy. An early termination of the booking must be discussed with the landlord and does not affect the amount of the already calculated service fee.

    Do I have to register while staying in Salzburg?

    Yes there is a law (http://www.ris.bka.gv.at/GeltendeFassung.wxe?Abfrage=Bundesnormen&Gesetzesnummer=10005799Meldegesetz http://www.ris.bka.gv.at/GeltendeFassung.wxe?Abfrage=Bundesnormen&Gesetzesnummer=10005799) about the obligation to register. In between 3 days you have to register at the "Meldeamt”. Your landlord can give you more details about the registration process and the papers needed . Before you move out you have to give notice of departure to the “Meldeamt”.

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